Install Parrot OS in virtual box without any error


 Hello Everyone Today i will showing you how to install parrot os in virtual box its very easy and can be install very fast. 
if you don't want to boot your os and install the os here are some software from which you can install parrot os or
other linux without any problem. Only the installation speed depends on your computer if your computer is slow like mine 
so you need more patience for the installation of parrot os. then how my PC take 1-2 hrs for the installation for parrot os 

The software you required to install parrot os virtually is:-\
1:- Virtual Box / Virtual Machine (VMware)
2:- Parrot OS iso file 

So first you have to download virtual box/virtual machine(VMware)
I am installing it in virtual box you can also use virtual machine i will provide both the link for download 

Here is the link of virtual box
For windows host:- 
For Os X host:-

here is the link of Virtual machine (Vmware)

From my opinion Vmware use lots nof resources and make your pc slow if your pc is like my pc i.e:- slow then use virtual box 

Second Requirement is Parrot OS Iso file 
Link of ISO file:- Direct Download Link:-

Important:- If You follow this step carefully 99% you will not get any problem 
From Here we will start from every step. This Explaination is with photos so may be you site take time to load but
you will understand everything properly.

Common Error:- Installation failed in between
       black screen for long time and does not come anything

So lets start

Step 1:- On google you have to write virtual box in screen you will see the link "" there is a download option click on it.

Step 2:- You have to select the software that you want to download eg for windows download windows host.

Step3 :-After clicking on it.It will automatically download the file if you have free download manager(fdm) it will ask you for download and ask you the 
location of download click on download to download the file.

Step4:- On google write parrot os in first link you will see parrot os click on parrot os security

Step5:- after that you will see Download button click on it.

Step6:- you will see many version of parrot os you can download any of them but if you are beginner i recommend 
you to use parrot security mate iso 

Step7:- To download it click on security=> Parrot os mate iso => and download it by Get torrent I have already provided the direct link to download it

(you will see in my fdm it open it is download wait until its complete it depends on your speed of Wi-Fi)

Step8:- Install the virtual machine and open it.

Step9:- To create new virtual machine to create it click on New button as shown in image

Step10:- Here you will see the dialog box in which you have to write name of machine and the location where 
you want to save it and click on next

Step11:- Select the ram you want to give. I have 4 Gb ram so i am give 1500mb to avoid error dont give middle value of ram 

for eg i have 4 Gb ram i will not give it 2 Gb ram it may cause error give some lower value.

Step12:- In dialog box click on "create a virtual hard disk now" and click Create.

Step13:- select VDI(virtual Disk Image) and click next.

Step14:- select "Dynamic allocated" and click next.

Step15:- You can select the location of file select the location where you have space and give the memory according 
to your need.

(I had given 30Gb you can give more)

Step16:- Click on your machine and click on setting

Step17:- click on network 

Step18:-Click on adapter 1 and select "bridged adapter" and click ok

Step19:-  select your parrot os and click on start.

Step20:- Select Host drive i.e your iso file.

Step21:- click on add

Step22:- Select parrot os iso file and click open.

Step23:- Select your iso and click on choose.

Step24:- then click on start.

Step25:- after open of parrot os select "Install" option.

Step26:- In install select "Install with GTK GUI"

Step27:-select the language i had selected English language and click continue.

Step28:- select your region i have selected my region "India" and click on continue.

Step29:- Select your keybord language i have selected "american English" and then click continue.

Step30:- It will load some components wait for some time.

Step31:- write your root password the password that you want to write and click continue.

Step32:- Again you have to write a password also reenter your password and click continue.

Step33:-  Write a name that you want to write for demo i have written a name "demo" click continue.

Step34:- now you have to set your user password and click continue.

Step35:-It will take some time.

Step36:- The most important step to avoid error is to do partition manually

To do it click on manual and click continue

Step37:- Then select your storage and click continue

Step38:- click yes and continue


Step39:- Select your disk and click continue.

Step40:- Select create new partiton and click continue.

Step41:- Give it 80% of you memory i have given it 25 GB. click continue.

Step42:- select primary and select continue.

Step43:- select Beginning and select continue

Step44:- select use as Ext4 journaling file system and select continue and select finish up setting


Step45:- for remaining space select it and press continue.

Step46:- select create new partition and select continue

Step47:-Give it 15% of partition to swap file and select continue

Step48:- Select logical and select continue

Step49:- Select beginning and select continue.

Step50:- Select "use as" and select continue 

Step51:- select swap area and select continue.

Step52:- you can see swap area now select done setting up the partition and select continue

Step53:- Select the remaining storage for /boot 

Step54:- select create new partition and select continue

Step55:- select partition remaining partition file and select continue.

Step56:- Select logical and select continue

Step57:- Select mount point from user to /boot

Step58:- Select Done setting up with partition.

Step59:- Select "Finish partitioning write changes in disk".

Step60:- Select yes and continue.

Step61:- wait for 30-40 min it depend on your speed of computer and hard disk.

Step62:- after that select "yes" for "grub loader to the master boot record"

Step63:- Select your hard drive and click continue

Step64:- You will see installation completed finally

Step65:- You will see the look of parrot os enter password and continue

Finally you can see the software and look of parrot os.

Hope you installed it properly  thank you for reading this steps and visiting these site. Hope you understand every step.

Always remember Installation needs patience.

Thank you for visiting these site.

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